November 28, 2004

Dear Mr. Bush,

Today, sniffling back a held-at-bay cold and flexing my stiffening fingers to keep them warm, I rode my new bike around the neighborhood. And as the cold November wind made tears roll down my cheeks, I realized that, no matter how old you get, the first time you put your foot on the pedal of a new bicycle the same feeling rushes through your body that surged through it the very first time you ever rode a bike. Once those wheels start turning, you get that same uncontrollable urge to pedal faster and never stop--never look back, never turn around--that you had when you took that first wobbily ride down the sidewalk decades before. On a bicycle, Mr. Bush, freedom is always ahead of you, always around the next corner, and always under your feet.

To tiny freedoms,



Blogger Thomas said...

Yay for bikes! Keep up the good writing, Dan.
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