December 21, 2004

Dear Mr. Bush,

Technology is a funny thing. You never really notice how much it has changed until you're forced backwards in time, trying to run your business, keep in touch with friends, and write these daily letters on an ancient computer with a dial-up connection running Windows 95 on a screen so small that reading a single line of text requires scrolling from side to side. But these are the sacrifices we make when we become a family: you give up your DSL, your wireless, your ease-of-use in favor of spending time with those you love--or those that love the one you love. And so it its that teaching a three-year-old how to do double thumbs up (she kept using her index fingers instead of her thumbs) or lulling a newborn back to sleep on my shoulder isn't something I would trade in for modern gadgetry.

To living low fi,



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