January 28, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush,

During the process of moving into our home almost two years ago, I somehow lost my winter parka. It was a quasi military-issue one, you know the kind: large and black with a hood lined with fur. It was the warmest jacket I'd ever had and, at the time, the coolest piece of clothing I ever owned (it probably still is, come to think of it). This was before every rapper was wearing a parka in their videos and before they became something you could buy at Target, and I would actually get stopped on the street and asked where I got it from all sorts of people. When winter came the year after we moved in, I searched for my parka, but came up empty; with horror I realized I must have left it in my old apartment.

That I bought my parka because of an Oasis 12" single cover was something I never admitted, but there's one--it was for a song off their third album, you know the one that, after it came out, everyone realized the band wasn't actually all that good--where one of the Gallagher brothers is wearing a parka with the hood pulled down around his neck but zipped all the way up, and he just looked regal standing there in the crowd, so warm and aloof. I remember seeing that cover and heading over to the army-navy surplus store the next day to buy my own.

There have been a few times this winter--a winter truly deserving of a big, heavy parka if ever there was one--that I've almost gone out and bought a new one, but I've stopped myself each time because they're not cheap coats and I just haven't had the money. But I have to say, after seeing your vice president wearing one yesterday at the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp--the collar turned up like he had just stepped away from the filming of some kind of bizarre rap video, the bling-bling of its white fur offsetting the black knit hat that covered his bald pate --I think that I never need to own one again.




Blogger steve said...


How did it ever come to this ? It's as if there's a gas of some sort that blanketed the country, leaving people unable to see the truth. I can't seem to be able to walk out of this bad western movie. Is this the best that we can do? The fifties cowboy mentality that is driving this nation, and the world, toward the end of a one way street. It leaves me numb.

Yet, there has to be hope for the future. In my mind, I hope it does not include Jeb.

Thanks for your apparent sanity.


P.S. I think I would have hung up my parka as well.

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