January 5, 2004

Dear Mr. Bush,

It snowed today--piles and piles of downy-soft snow, white and clean and quiet covers every corner of the city. It's still coming down even now, with a promise of the heaviest still to come.

The city always comes to something of a standstill when it snows. I'd like to think it's because of the muffling effect the snow has on the ambient noise of the city. You walk outside and it's silent, silent like it must have been two hundred years ago before the city grew up from the prarie and destroyed the peace and quiet that engulfed everything. There's something about that silence that makes people take notice, makes them begin to see the world around them a little more. It's a transformative thing, to suddenly have the noises you don't even notice anymore taken away from you. It makes the city seems smaller, more human; fragile and old and beautiful.

Let it snow,



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