March 10, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush,

"I'm starting to worry," Anne said today, after I told her I didn't sleep well again last night. It's been four nights of restless sleep punctuated by nightmares and sharp moments of abrupt wake.

"There's no need," I replied, "I think it's just stress from last week finally working it's way out. And besides--the dreams are getting more boring every day. Last night, instead of being chased by killers and rapists, I was just frantically stuffing envelopes."

She looked at me skeptically. But it's true, Mr. Bush, I know my body pretty well at this point, and I know how it deals with stress. And this week, it's been unwinding, releasing the tension and energy that has been stored up. Every day I can feel my body slowing down, my brain easing up from the full-tilt that I ask it to operate at. Soon my sleep will be punctuated by nothing more than the alarm in the morning.

To sleep,



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