May 21, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush,

"This is what I dreamed about for so long," Janice said wistfully, as the sun beat down on us--me, her, the kid, and our dog--as we kicked a soccer ball to Lucy. We drove an hour to be at this amazing dog park in a wealthy northern suburb of Chicago--a car ride exponentially longer than Roosevelt's experienced so far--because Janice had been visualizing it throughout her pregnancy: the family together in the warm summer sun playing with the dog and the baby in this immaculate parkland. And even though the drive was long and the baby got cranky on the way home and Lucy's getting older and doesn't have the stamina she used to, it was exactly perfect. And it's funny because you work so hard to arrive at these sorts of moments--these moments where everything feels right and balanced and whole--but you so rarely remember to appreciate it. But today, without a cloud in the sky to disrupt the moment, we did.



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