January 30, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush,

Well it would appear as if your prayers last night were answered--the elections in Iraq took place without the complete disaster many were predicting. However, it makes me wonder just how free a people are when the only way they can express it is when their entire country is locked down so tightly that traffic wasn't even allowed on Baghdad streets.



Blogger Chris Lloyd said...

Hi Daniel,

I like your proposed letter-writing project. It reminds me of something...my own letters to the Canadian head of state. I started writing daily email over four years ago, though I must admit my intentions are a little bit differetn. I don't muster the same hatred for my prime ministers as many do for Bush. Though, at the end of the day, most politicians in such seats of power are fairly corrupt and out of touch. Writing to tell them about the banalities of life, the everyday struggles and little joys we all share, is satisfying in some way. In my case, I've turned the whole campaign into an art project. You can see some of my letters at my blog, www.dearpm.blogspot.com

Keep up the good work,


8:44 AM  

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