February 8, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush,

I spent the day today preparing varions tax forms for my business--it's a task that I'm woefully unqualified for. But a day or two confounded by the mystery that is the 1099-MISC form, or hours spent confused by the W-3 report, is the price a person pays for being a business owner. It may take up too much of my limited time and may make my stomach ache with nerves during the entire process, but it's something I do happily and willingly because I know that one of the costs of doing business is to help to support the people that work with you by sharing the cost of their tax burden.

So why is it that it seems like all you and your friends are intersted in doing is making it so this doesn't have to happen. To me, your talk of an "ownership society" is exactly that, isn't it? It's just an excuse for business owners to not have to pay their employees taxes, medical benefits, or make any other sacrifices to the all-important bottom line.

Well, Mr. Bush, here's one business owner who's not interested in the "ownership society." Here's one that's happy to pay taxes, who wishes he could pay medical benefits, who doesn't need to sacrifice everything in the name of profit.

Now if you could just tell me which field I fill out on this 1099--"non-employee compensation" or "other wages"--that'd be a big help.



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